Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stupendous Shapes (freebie!)

Hey everyone! How has your week been going? I've been super busy. We had somewhat of a short week this week. Tomorrow is a work day and I'm hoping I'll be able to accomplish planning for next week instead of going out with the girls for lunch. My sister comes into town on Sunday so I really want to be done with everything.

So this week we did a ton of Seuss stuff, but I'm waiting to post until tomorrow for the five for friday linky. :) Instead, what I want to share with you tonight is some shape posters. We've been talking about shapes for the last 2 weeks and will wrap up next week, but I want to stress not just the shapes, but the attributes since CCSS is so big on that. I couldn't find ones I really liked, so I made my own real quick. If you can use them, that's great too! :) Hope you have a wonderful night. Off to do some laminating before bed. ;)



  1. Super cute shapes Sarah!

    Have a great time with your sis. Those moments are what matter the most in life. Have a fabulous weekend!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. Thanks! I can definitely use in my class.

  3. Thank you for doing a rhombus instead of a diamond!!!! Wonderful set! I will use it!

  4. Very cute posters! I do wish there was one for pentagon, though.