Friday, March 1, 2013

Five (well ok...four) for Friday!

Hey friends! Happy friday! Hope you had a great day. Mine started off very hectic. My assistant has been out since yesterday and then my co-teacher didn't come in till 7:30 and I thought she was going to be absent too, so I was a little flustered this weekend. But the day passed in a blur, and I even got time to work out today so now on to relax with the future Mr. and drink some "fruit juice." Anyway, I have some random things to share with your from my week. Thanks Doodle Bugs for always putting this on!
1) On wednesday I made mini chicken pot pies with biscuits and they came out great! Found the recipe through pinterest. :) I'm definitely making them when my little sister comes to visit in two weeks...soo easy!

2) We studied dental health on Monday and I read a tooth fairy book, then the kids wrote a friendly letter to the tooth fairy. I thought this one was so funny! My little boy said he didn't want her to take his teeth because he didn't like her hair!! What!? haha

3) In math, we started talking about polygons and their attributes so we made penguin pictures out of all triangles.

4) And saved the best for last weekend, the future Mr. and I went to walmart to pick up a small computer desk for our spare bedroom. We he knows how much stuff I print out each week for centers, activities, amazing things you great friends make..and our little epson goes through so much ink. Well after doing some research, he order a brother that has ink cartridges that print out 2500 copes of black and 1200 copies of color and they are 6.99 through a discount supply store! Whaaat! So it came the other day and it prints speedy quick. But wait, he wasn't done yet...he also ordered 5 packages of laminating film (100 in each pack) for my machine!! He's definitely a keeper! (And I'm over here doing the happy dance!)

So that's all for me, sorry it's not 5, but I didn't do a whole lot of fun stuff this week in class :/ Stay tuned next week for seussmania! Have a great Friday night!



  1. You got this printer at Walmart? Please do tell me what the model no. is and how much. Also, where can you order the ink? I sooo need a new printer! Thanks so much! If you prefer, you can email me at

  2. Your post was so cute! :) I love how you refer to your sweetie as 'the future Mr.'! :) So glad that he was able to get you a new printer! ;) What a blessing! I go through so much ink and toner too! :/ My mom just bought me an HP! :) Now, like you...I am printing in style! ;) So fun to hear about the 'randomness' of your week! :) I am one of your newest followers! :)


    Mrs. Russell's Room First Grade

  3. I would love to know the printer type too. I need a new one that is more efficient:)!


  4. You had me at Chicken Pot Pies! LOVE them! So happy to see your post through the 5 for Friday linky! This is my first time joining!
    Have a great weekend!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  5. Those little pot pies look delish! I think I would end up eating like 10 though.........!!!!!!!!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  6. Any guy who understands a teacher's love of laminate and colored ink is a keeper in my book!!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten