Saturday, March 23, 2013

Five for Friday..Lots of Goodies!

Hey everyone! I'm a day late on this, but last night I was banned from the computer while the future Mr. and I had a date night in. Today I have the house to myself and I plan on getting a ton of stuff done, but starting with Doodle Bugs Linky Party!


1) Our kids started learning about time to the hour this week. Some cuties have it down pat, and others are still struggling with knowing when the minute hand is on the 12, it means :00 not :12. If you have tips on teaching this I would love to know! But I created 2 posters to hang in the room so they know the difference between digital and analog. Click on the pic for your freebie!

2) In addition to time, we played time to the hour scoot game yesterday. I am pretty much in love with scoot games right now! They are a lot of fun. I have the room set up in groups, so I let the kids start at their desks and then ring the bell when they can move to an empty desk because it's too confusing to move to the next desk in their group. Anyway, another freebie for ya! Click to get your time game! :) PS. yes, the times are shown more than once, I had to explain that to the kiddos because there are only 12 times and 27 cards.

3) We started working on a unit called changes and talking about day and night. My co-teacher came up with the idea to create dioramas to show how night changes into day. This pic is just the beginning stages, but so far, they are handling the paint pretty well! haha

4) I stayed after school last night until 5:15 cleaning my desk area. It's just too cramped to me and I am an organizer freak, so I just don't like the set up. I have this short bookshelf, but the shelves are not tall enough to stand my binders up and therefore, I haven't been utilizing the papers as much as the papers I have in them because they are on their sides. ugh. Anyway, I moved my table around and was able to fit an extra desk near it where I can now store my binders. Yay! I know this is a boring pic, but I'm pretty excited to have a little extra room to put my stuff. :)

5) The last thing, is I posted the other day about a new cvc game that's up in my TPT store. 3 Lucky ladies were able to score themselves a free copy of that game! Thanks so much to all who commented. :)

That's all folks! Stay tuned next week for some handwriting stuff...I'm pretty excited to share a few things with you! ;) Have a great weekend!



  1. Your desk looks super cute and organized! Thanks for sharing that awesome freebie :)

    Keepin’ It Kool In KinderLand

  2. Your blog is so fun & colorful! Glad to be your newest follower :)

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. Love your colorful storage shelves! I have an organization storage obsession! Thanks so much for the game! It's perfect!


  4. I feel like I never have time to "organize" during the school year unless I stay super late! I bet you feel good now that your desk area is re-organized!

    {Mrs. Wheeler}