Sunday, February 3, 2013

Turn and Talk Freebie

hey everyone! Are you enjoying this super sale on TPT?! I just finished purchasing a few things from my wishlist and managed to keep it under 30 bucks so I'm a happy girl!(Will share my goodies tomorrow!)  Now to print and laminate today! Yay, I love cutting everything's calming to me. weird I know, but maybe you like cutting things out too? 

Anyway, we're really getting into turn and talk in class. We should have been doing it since the beginning of the school year, but there were so many other things to attend to that it didn't really explicitly get taught. Now we're into it and including Whole Brain Teaching as well with some cute posters I downloaded. I didn't think I would like WBT, but some components really work...I think, have to give it a few more weeks. Anyway, turn and I created this little poster similar to the readings ones you see, but with talking :) Grab a copy if you wish! Have a great Sunday...let's pray it really stretches out! haha



  1. Thanks for the cute freebie. I too enjoying cutting out lamination. It is very relaxing. :-)

    Compassionate Teacher

  2. This is absolutely adorable! Thank you for the freebie. I'm with Becky. I've been laminating all day and I enjoy it too. I filled my shopping cart twice today at TpT.