Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Keep Swimming...

Hey everyone! Half way through the week again, whew! This has been a tough week so far. The kids are terrible to say the least! haha. They just constantly keep talking and don't seem to care what we're learning. My co-teacher and I have warned a few of them multiple times that they may lose their privilege to participate in our party tomorrow and I sure hope they can turn it around before tomorrow afternoon....

So I've been seeing a lot of cute valentines that you all are giving to your class...I went cheap this year and bought kool-aid packets! :)

Instead of writing my name on all of them, I printed up labels and stuck them to the back of the tags! (every teacher needs to have a supply of labels!)

On another note, I feel like I am practically drowning with PEP's and progress monitoring and remediation...ugh! We cannot do anything fun it seems. :( I almost get depressed seeing the wonderful ideas and activities you all are doing in your classes. For example, Feb is dental health month, but we are still finishing up black history stuff ALL MONTH. Granted, it is information that would be good for them to know, but some of the activities are just not fun. :( I wish we could be more themed considering they are only first graders. But oh well, hopefully whatever next year brings me will be better. (sigh) Enough of my schpeal.

Last thing, I have really been into baking lately and I found these cute cupcake boxes at the dollar store, so for my co-teacher and assistants, I made chocolate cupcakes with fresh strawberry icing. The icing is to die for..even my fiance who is not big into icing said he could just eat that! :) Here's a lovely pic!
Ok, I have to go make dinner! I hope everyone's party goes well tomorrow! I'll be taking lots of pics :)


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  1. The cupcakes caught my eye! ;)

    Baking is always a stress reliever for me, and sometimes while baking, I get new ideas for the classroom! (I'm such a nerd!) ;)

    First Grade and Fabulous