Sunday, December 9, 2012

Word Sort Freebie

Hey friends! How has your weekend been going? I cannot believe it's Sunday already! We spend all day yesterday at my future sister in laws helping to make some cookies. The weather here in NC has been wonderful! I keep checking my home state of OH and they are in the 40's this week, but we'll actually be about 30 degrees warmer. Tomorrow it's supposed to hit 72! I'll take that! (although we're going back to Ohio for Christmas and I do hope we can have a white one!)

Today I have to clean this apartment, (funny how just a small space can get so cluttered) and work on plans for this week. We're doing Christmas around the world, but each first grade teacher is taking a country and we're rotating classes all week, so I will just be teaching Germany all week. Kinda bummed that I can't do all of them but oh well. 

Anyway, before I go, I have a little freebie for you. Nothing special, but I'm trying to get my word work portion of guided reading a little more interesting and I created this short a/long a sort. The kids cut out the words and glue them on the lines. Simple, but hopefully effective! ;) Grab a copy if you'd like! Have a great Monday and enjoy the rest of the day!

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