Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving day 2 and another Christmas Center

Hey everyone! I am so excited in T-minus 23 hours, we will be hitting the road, Ohio bound! :) And the kids were pretty decent again today so that started my Thanksgiving break on the right foot! Anyway, here's what we did today..
 Among other things, we did a bunch of activities with Old Lady Who Swallowed a pie. Here's a cutie doing a sequencing activity. :)

And I've been meaning to get this up, here's our hallway with our favorite ocean animal writing papers. :)

My assistant did the colorful fish and bubbles! Love her! She's the best. :)

Last, I have another Christmas center in my TN store..It's a real/nonsense word sorting center. Stop by to check it out! Only a dollar and of course, first person to comment will get it FREE! :) Have a great break everyone! I'm going to try to stay off the computer for the next 5 days :)

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