Sunday, October 7, 2012

Currently and Charleston

Hey everyone! I feel like there is so much to catch up on! I was waiting for Farley's currently this month and it's up and running, so here is mine!

The book Where's my Mummy is so cute to read to your little ones. :) 
Where's My Mummy?

Also, we just got back from a long weekend at Charleston and I wanted to share some pics with you! I wish we were there right now as the weather in NC is chilly and rainy today. But either way, it was a great trip and my fiance and I really needed it! We did so to take a ghost tour, carriage ride, visit the aquarium and eat out at 2 wonderful restaurants and a rooftop bar! :) It was an awesome back to reality. Have a great Monday!
Poogan's's haunted restaurant

look familiar? It's the road from The Notebook!

in front of Boone Hall Plantation

they allowed people to just walk and play in the fountains



  1. I found your blog through the Currently link! LOVE those pictures from NC! I absolutely love NC! AND...I'm definitely loving that you took a picture of the road from The Notebook..that is [of course] one of my favorite movies!

    Sensational Seconds

  2. I was born and raised outside of Charleston. There's nothin finer than being in Carolina! Waterfront Park is by far one of my favorite places. Glad you enjoyed your visit!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade