Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Bunch of Things

Hey everyone! I'm just popping by to share a few things with you...Here's our door all decked out for Halloween!

And in the mornings, we have remediation or group tutoring and my assistant is tutoring the children that need extra help with sight words so she came up with this craftivity to focus on those words! I love it and told her she is definitely a teacher! ;)

Also, I had an interesting night last night trying to cook dinner....I was making a pork chop recipe I found at foodgawker.com (awesome sight if you have never checked out) and they called to add in oil and wine, well the pan was already hot from the oil I cooked the pork chops in and when I added the wine, it really started smoking, then I tried to add it more slowly and woosh! a flame came up!! It happened so quickly and luckily my fiance was there to help, but I was shaking and the fire alarm was going off and oh it was a mess! Fortunately, the recipe came out ok and we liked it, but I don't think this girl will be keeping that one around. lol. Yikes! Oil just scares me sometimes! Well have a relaxing evening!


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