Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Currently and is it Friday yet?!

Hey friends! Whew! What a day! We had a meeting after school today that went longer than I thought it would and I left with a headache. :( I still have some kind of sinus cold. On a better note, I almost forget about the september currently that wonderful Farley always hosts! Here's mine..

So I decided instead of starting a new guided reading book on Fridays, I was going to start creating a bunch of literacy games to play with my groups as well as do running records. I just added this game to my TN store and it focuses on the first grade sight words. I hope you pick up a copy! Have a wonderful evening!


  1. "Shiver Me Sight Words"... too cute! Sight words are a great way to build vocabulary. We've created Sight Word Dominoes using the Dolch list. If your looking for more activities check them out in our TPT store :)

    Found your blog through Farley's linky - we're your newest follower! Come drop by our blog if you get the chance!

  2. Wedding costs are crazy, right? Just make sure you save for the things that are most important to you. For me, a dress wasn't the top priority... so I didn't go designer. Photography was a big deal, though, so I splurged. And if you don't believe that less people will actually come than you invite, just wait. We thought sure *so* many people would come, but the number ended up lower (which really helped our costs!). (One lady invited herself- and then ended up not coming. Are you kidding me?!)

    It'll all fall into place, though. Don't worry! You're marrying the one you love, and it will be perfect :)

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