Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Blog 'Do!

Hi Friends! I so excited because my little blog got a new makeover!! Ahhh!! It fits my classroom theme and I'm like a proud mama that can't wait to show it off! I love it don't you!? :) Thanks to Honeybunch Blog Design!
Honey Bunch Blog Design

The other thing I wanted to share was that we got the photography package! Yay! My fiance and I are so beyond excited. This is going to help with our (non-existent as it is) budget! :) 
I'm off to get some bridal shoes. Now that we're moving, it's nice to get stuff done and checked off. One less thing to worry about! Have a terrific Tuesday!



  1. Love your blog design. I am happy that you won the photography package.

    Queen with Class

  2. Love your new design! I bought from Honey Bunch also and absolutely love it!

    Miss Rayburn's Class