Thursday, July 19, 2012

Calendar now available!

Hey friends! I've gotten a couple requests on my 2-page calendar that I have in my teacher binder. I've uploaded it to my TN store for purchase if you'd like! :) Click on the pic below.

Also, thank you so much for the comments on our engagement pics! We just love them and I'm going to order a ton to put in a photo collage for our new place! Speaking of which, I have some photos to share with you! I'm not sure how the apartments are in your areas, but in Ohio, you have to spend a good chunk of money to get a nice apartment. In our new area in NC, we are getting a "luxury" apartment for a little more than the price I'm paying now for rent. (I have a 1 bedroom with 603sq ft and the new will be 2 bed 2 bath with 1023 sq ft!!) We are just floored with all the space we'll have and the newness of the complex. Our building is only a year we are anxious to move to say the least!! (11 more days!) 
the outside of the buildings

nice big kitchen!

fitness center..more incentive to work out
large bathroom


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  1. Lucky you!! That place normally has a very long waiting list, but I think it's mostly for 1B/1B. I'm moving to an older apartment complex in Aboro in a month, but you really can't beat the prices there!