Thursday, July 26, 2012

Awards, Cupcake Obsession and a Freebie!

Good Afternoon lovlies! I've got a few things to chat about today. First off, my birthday yesterday was wonderful. I am blessed to have so many great family and friends. The hubby-to-be got me a GPS! This will definitely come in handy with our move! :)

The other gift, which I haven't yet recieved, is out annual trip to Main Street Cupcakes (a very famous bakery in these ol' parts)

Luckily they post their creations of the day of their FB page, but yesterday it was all Christmas flavors and I wasn't too into that. I'm hoping we'll get a chance to go tomorrow and hopefully they'll have some good ones ;)
Also, I want to thank Tina from Laugh, Live, Love, Learn for giving me the Versatile Blogger award and the One Lovely blog award.
 I also got the One Lovely blog award from Carla at Playful Learning Brooklyn. Thanks so much ladies! I hope you forgive me, but it's so busy around here, that I don't really have time to hunt down others so I would like to nominate these awards to anyone reading and following me and has not received these yet! Give yourself a pat on the pack and grab the pictures! :D

Finally, I have a freebie for you! This was one of my very first games I created and have not gotten the chance to upload it yet, but here it is! A subtraction matching game with corresponding worksheet. I hope your kiddies like it! Click on the pic for your copy!

That's all for today! Now it's back to laundry...ugh! On a happy note, our apartment is slowly becoming bare and the boxes are piling up by the door so we are about a third of the way done packing! 4 more days till moving time!

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