Friday, June 29, 2012

A chit and a Chat

Hey everyone! Hope everyone's week went well. I can't believe it's Friday already. The days seem to jumble together in the summer don't they? Tomorrow is my last day at TJMaxx and I am excited. It was a very nice place to work as a retail store, but I'm glad to get a whole month off to relax. (sorta) I haven't had that since high school. :o

I have been a busy girl this evening whipping up some games and stuff to get ready for school. My co-teacher said she's not getting back in school mode until mid-July, but I can't help it! I'm so freakin excited to move and meet my little kiddos! :) Below you will find the link and a pic to an opposite matching game I made. I'm thinking of using it for independent practice or small groups. The title/cover page is small if you download because I like to put my games in plastic baggies and tape the title to the front so that's why you may think the size is off for a cover page. ;)

Life is so stressful, not only do we need to pack to move, but I've been having stressful dreams about the wedding. I know, I know it's like 15 months away, but I hope we can afford everything! So money has been weighing a lot on my mind. The good thing is, we meet with the church wedding coordinator next Thursday July 5th to put our deposit down so one less thing to worry about! In honor of the 5th, I'm giving the above game away FREE to the first 5 people to comment! yay! ok, have a great Friday evening! :D


  1. Hey Sarah, I found your guest blog at Kindergarten Lifestyle today and followed you here. Congratulations on your new position. I think that is a wonderful score for a 2nd year teacher moving into something new. Co-teaching will allow you to learn so much. I'm a K5 teacher with 19 years of experience (8 in K5) and my teaching assistant is a certified teacher. So we very much have a co-teaching situation. I still learn so much from her. Best of all, when those certain little friends are being soooo special, there's someone else there with a different perspective and approach. Two heads are always better than one. Good luck with your move and wedding plans.

    And also, your antonym activity looks really cute. Antonyms have not been on our objectives for awhile, so it's hard to work in anything extra.

    Donna W.

  2. Hi Sarah! Congrats on the new job and on the wedding. I have been teaching 1st grade for 12 yrs, you are going to love it. I haven't started my own blog yet, but I need to. I'm afraid I will have no time for my children if I do...either that or I will end up staying up later than I already do. :)

    Love your opposites game. My kiddos would love it too. Have a great day!