Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holy Canolli!

Hi friends! So the meeting today with the principal was ok I guess. I had all my stuff ready to back my case up but he basically said that "first year teachers always score this way. You have to be a veteran teacher to score high." and kinda made it a closed door. I said alright and signed off on the papers. I guess it all comes with quantity of years and they dont take into account the quality of the teaching. (sigh) he did say I was a good teacher so I suppose that counts for something. 

On another note, I now have 4 interviews!!! Ahhhh totally freaking out!! My first one of the week is tomorrow for a very distinguished district near me for ONE kindergarten position! ONE! haha. No pressure to shine right?! And then I have another on Friday in Vermilion to those Ohio teachers who know the city and another on Monday night and then Tuesday! Yikes! I can barely settle down since I got home and it's taking me forever to eat this personal pan pizza! Any advice to knock these interviews outta the park would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks and wish me luck!!

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