Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And the Winner is...plus other tidbits

Congrats to Jennifer Long from A Pirate's Life For Us for winning the giveaway!
Now, let me tell you how this one went, if anyone actually counts to make sure. My comments for the giveaway weren't numbered. (I'm still trying to figure that out and it's being stubborn) but I sorted my comments from oldest to newest since that's how most giveaways go and are numbered. Then I counted (twice) and got the 15th comment. Hopefully the next giveaway will have commented numbers. :)

Thank you though to all the teachers and friends who follow me and the new friends I made! 

On another note, I am very discouraged today because I got 4 rejection emails. 4! Come on give me a break! lol. Very sad I just wanted to cry after about the 3rd one. And the one district, I apply to every post and they always say basically "sorry better luck next time, keep a look out." Of course I just want to email back and say what do you want from me?! What are you looking for?!

And finally, some pics of my day. 
In this pic, my first graders were reviewing money. I found these cute ice cream cutouts at the teacher store and wrote different amounts on them. Then we pretended to go to Dairy Queen and order some flavors. (I had the same flavors with prices for each child so they were all working on the same "order") It was fun and they giggled at some of my outrageous orders!

In the above pics, we were working on money in kindergarten as well. This little activity didn't go as well as I hoped because my students still don't know their coin identifications let alone trying to count out coins to buy items. (I was a little frustrated at this observation) But I just gave them a lot of support and kept all items priced under 13 cents. It was worth a try!

Tomorrow is our last potluck of the year and the theme is mexican. I was going to make taco dip, but someone is making something similar so I'm breaking the "theme" and making devil's food cupcakes with a fondant rose on each one! I'm excited and will post a pic of the finished products tomorrow! 
Now on to rest and NOT checking my emails!


  1. I am so sorry! Are you looking to move or stay where you are? Probably not too up to date on your blog-sorry! I hope you will keep us posted on how the search goes. It isn't good in my county;  any teacher hired after the workdays began was hired as an interim position and I just think that STINKS!