Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wonderful spring day!

We've been having extremely abnormal temps for March in Ohio and I am just lovin' it! Yesterday was about 76 and sunny and Cleveland is always big on St.Paddy's day so I think there was a projected 400,000 people in the city. I didn't step foot down there however, because all that drinking and partying is not my style, so I bummed around and did some shopping. Today is another gorgeous day and I have my balcony door open to smell the spring air.

With all the spring in the air, I wanted to put together a spring math game! I created a money matching game designed for my little firsties! They are grasping money a little better, but still not where I'd like them to be so hopefully this helps! Get it FREE while you can because after Monday night 9pm eastern time, it will be $1.00 (still a bargain though!)
Click on the pic for download

Ok time to clean this messy apartment! Have a great Sunday! :)

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