Tuesday, March 13, 2012

kindergarten fun

Hello all!

I wanted to share with you a cute idea for a lesson/game to do with kindergarten. I didn't take any pics but it's pretty easy to describe. My kindergartners are learning their teen numbers so I found a space counting game (I think free on TPT) that has aliens with numbers underneath and astronauts with number words. Both go up to 20. I took the number word cards out since they can't read and we passed the bag around with the numbers. They pulled a card (no peeking!) and told me the number. When the bag was empty, they helped me put them back in order and told me what numbers came next. Super fun, super easy and they got a lot out of it! :)

Ok, off to look at a hall. Then one more appointment tomorrow and I think I'll be "halled" out! We still have yet to book a ceremony venue and the church I was talking about a few posts before just got booked for our day. (It's ok, it was a little expensive) we found another cute one and hopefully will get a chance to look at it this week. Then once those two are done, I can breathe for a few months. (I've been on my fiance's butt to get just these two things done and I'll  be happy and won't talk wedding stuff! haha) Letcha know what happens!

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