Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great Lesson!

You ever get one of those lessons that after you're done teaching it, you're thinking "wow! that went so well and the kids were having fun and really learning!" In an ideal world, I wish all of my lessons were like that, but it can't always be. Well luckily, yesterday was one of the lessons! My first graders are learning about graphs and I bought some fruit snacks and we sorted them based on color then I had them individually come up to the board and put an "x" for each one they had. Then we tallied them all up. In order to eat them, they had to answer one of my questions, which included which color has the most, least, how many more does blue have then red, etc. They loved it and I loved them for learning! :)



  1. Excellent simple idea! I love how the kids learned from this and I know exactly what you mean about those lessons that just roll smoothly and everyone seems engaged. I so wish that could happen every day. I am a new follower. Thanks
    for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday!

    @ Cachey Mama’s