Saturday, January 14, 2012

Center Signs!

Ok, so I'm waiting for the laundry to finish (not wanting to clean the apartment today) and just whipped up these center signs for sale at my shop on Teachers Notebook! Please visit to purchase and download or click on the image below. :)


  1. These are cute signs! I would love to see exactly what you do at each of your centers (or maybe they are on your blog somewhere and I haven't discovered it yet). I haven't heard of Teachers Notebook but I have heard of Teachers Pay Teachers. I will have to check it out !

  2. Hello! Thanks for the love. :) Teacher's Notebook is just like TPT and it's free to join and $20 to sell. I don't have any center pics posted as I am currently just doing Title 1 Math so we don't do centers. I will be keeping this file for my future classrooms! (keeping fingers crossed to get my own next school year)

  3. So glad to have discovered your blog! I am a first year Pre-K teacher and I am ALWAYS looking for great math ideas. My kids are at a Kindergarten-1st grade level so I am so excited to get to use the activities I see here! Thank you!!


    Loving & Learning in Pre-K