Wednesday, January 11, 2012

100th Day Linky

Since I only take my small groups for 30 min, I will probably only be doing one activity to celebrate 100 day but I have two of my favorites I'd like to share with you!...

1) A week or so ahead of time, ask 10 parent volunteers to sign up to bring in 1 fruit item. Explain to the class that 10 fuits represent 100. These could include grapes, a cantelope, strawberries, etc. Then as a class, cut up the fruit (teacher's job! ) and create a big fruit salad.

2) Gather a 10 bags of loose candy (as many pieces as there are students) and hide the baggies around the room. Invite the children to look for the bags and when they find one, to place it on a table. When all the bags have been found, dump the candy pieces into a big bowl. Divide the candy up among the class and enjoy the treat! :)

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