Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rocket Math

Some of you may know the program called Rocket Math that helps kids to learn their math facts quickly. Well I started to use that and couldn't keep up with all the copying of the different pages. I modified the program and have found it's working a lot better! I created copies of each of the addition tables and had each of the students start with 1's facts. They complete all the facts in 1 minute and if they got all the problems right, they get a check. Once they achieve 3 checks I feel they have mastered that set and color in the corresponding number. Eventually we will move on to subtraction the same way. I think I might do the same for my third graders when they start learning multiplication. (note: I told the kiddos once they get the entire rocket colored in, they'll get a treat!)


  1. Hi Sarah - I'm your newest follower!  I found you from your comment on downunderteacher :)I'm planning to do Rocket Math - slightly differently though so I'll use a different name so that they don't get  What are the addition tables that you are copying for your kids? My only apprehension about the program so far is the amount of photocopies I'll have to make, and it sounds like you might have already solved my problem!I'm a new blogger too (one that's astounded by the amount of posts you've made, well done!) and I'd love it if you had the time to stop by and check me out!Lauren

  2. The copying and keeping up about do me in every year.  I'm looking for something a little less intimidating!  LOVE the way you've modified this - would be interested in a little more information.  It's May and my brain is tired.  :O)
    Congrats on 100 followers!  Best of luck with the job search!!!

    Oh My Little Classity Class